Water curtain in Toruń

Heat Waves in Poland

In August Travel Challenge I asked about the ways to deal with the hot weather.

For me hot weather starts from 20°C, but this summer (especially in August) in Poland we had a heat wave, with temperature over 30°C for days. This resulted in official heat warnings and plenty of information how to deal with a hot weather. The basic tips were: if possible avoid going out when during the hottest time (around 11:00-14:00), cover your head and drink water to avoid dehydration.

In the beginning of August there was also an information about irresponsible French couple who died in a desert and nearly killed their son too. A lot of Polish newspapers were writing how they saved their son by saving on their own water… But in the end the couple didn’t think, they didn’t plan, they didn’t have the basics covered which lead to tragedy. They had 1l of water for 7-km trekking in the desert in noon for three people! The couple went against official recommendations. Let the others learn from this tragedy…

How we deal with hot weather in Poland? Read on.


Water curtain in Toruń
Toruń by DerHexer.  CC BY-SA 3.0 licence for Wikimedia Commons

Cities across Poland put some water curtains in the places most frequented by people. In Warsaw they worked from 6:00 to 18:00. As you can see on the photo, some come especially to have fun in the water.

Similarly children often come to play in the ground-based fountains. In Warsaw it can be: Arkadia shopping mall, Metropolitan office block near The Grave of the Unknown Soldier.

In most ponds/streams etc. in the city there is a ban for entering/swimming. Some people still do it, but you’ll get a fine or/and have some health issues. The water wasn’t intended for swimming so it’s not disinfected. And there is the trash, which some people throw into the water. Want to swim? Just go to the official swimming area or a swimming pool.



Lithuanian cool soups
Lithuanian cool soup by Klischca. CC-BY-SA-4.0 licence for Wikimedia commons.

Summer is the time for chłodnik (cool soup) and zupa owocowa (fruit soup). Those soups are served cooled, they are meatless but they may contain animal-based ingredients like cream, sour cream or eggs. If you are vegan, ask first.

Fruit soups could be easily eaten without sour cream (added later) but they might be too sweet. On the other hand chłodnik is most often done with the cream as the ingredient. There are many various kinds of chłodnik. Most popular is probably chłodnik litewski (Lithuanian cool soup, see photo) made with beet roots. You can try the soups in bar mleczny (milk bar) which is a way to eat cheap fresh food. They have too many customers for the food to get old.

Another food for heat/summer is just eating boiled (new) potatoes with soured milk (zsiadłe mleko) and dill (koperek). I can’t drink milk, but this soured milk is safe for me and I enjoy this dish from time to time. Be careful, the potatoes might come with pork scratchings added later to garnish. If you’re a vegetarian, say it beforehand.


Thanks for reading. Thanks for participating in the challenge. Sorry I’m so overdue, I’ll fix it soon. Cheers.


How do you help yourself during the hot weather?

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