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The very first post of the Travel to Poland column. If you have any questions about travelling to Poland, ask in comments.


Poland is a part of Schengen area, so residents of the area’s countries travel without visa. The Schengen area is not the same with European Union area. Countries like Norway are part of it, while Great Britain which is a part of EU is not in Schengen area but still you can come without visa if you’re from GB. There are other countries (or regions) whose citizens don’t need to have visa for travelling to Poland. A list of visa-free countries is on the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Tip! Youll find information on travelling to Poland on given country’s Polish embassy’s website (check the MoFA website).


The biggest airports in Poland are: Chopin Airport (in Warsaw) and Balice Airport (in Kraków). There are airports for other major cities too (for example Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk), and some for cheap airlines.

Polish national airline is called LOT (LO).

Major cheap airlines are WizzAir and Ryanair.Warsaw cheap airlines airport is located in Modlin, around 40 km from Warsaw but WizzAir actually starts/lands on Chopin Airport (in the city limits).


If you’d like to see several European countries, or you’re coming from Europe by train, you might find Interrail website helpful. Timetable for trains in Poland (including the international connections) can be found on PKP website. There are different types of trains from Pendolino (the fastest, premium train) to local trains (served by each province). Tickets for the faster, country-wide trains can be bought online.

Tip! If you want to travel cheaper, also on Pendolino, you should generally buy the ticket a month ahead. The difference in Pendolino can be 49/59 zł vs 150 zł for the 2nd class ticket. There are also promotions, including summer ones, so check out the website. If you want to spend just a weekend, you might buy weekend ticket for 154 zł (more in a different post in the future).


You can get by ferry from Sweden or Denmark to the following Polish cities: Gdańsk, Gdynia and Świnoujście in the Baltic seaside.


You can also ride into Poland from several European countries in one of the international buses. Polski Bus, Eurolines, Ecolines are just some of the examples.

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