Easter Walk (Poland)

I have spent Easter in the area of Bug Landscape Park. During my Sunday walk, I travelled through 3 villages in Mazovia Province: Nadkole, Łazy and Szumin (starred on map). All those places are in gmina Łochów (Łochów municipality). I can’t accurately count the distance I made as Google map doesn’t show the streets in those villages.




The weather was very April-like which means not exactly spring-like. We have a saying in Poland that April mixes both summer and winter. That was true. During my 5-hour walk, there were sun, clouds, rain and even a small hail. Nothing too big to leave me too wet, but nonetheless. It was quite warm too.


A village where most of the houses are summerhouses. Close to Liwiec river and forest. Around 2 km to Bug river (by the woods).


A village located both in the forest and by the road. Some photos were taken by the road Gwizdały – Łazy – Brzuza.

It’s easiest to notice in Łazy area that forest is not entirely left on its own. There are clearcutting spots and zones with new trees.

I visited Łazy twice— at the beginning of the trip and on my way home. Both times I was in different parts of the village.

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I wanted to continue to Brzuza, but the weather got worse. Then I saw the sign “Szumin 1 km”. I decided to cut down my route and go back home. I didn’t take too many photos this time. I already had lots, from an earlier trip.

What did you do during Easter?


  1. These photos are lovely! I really like Lazy 🙂

    1. Come to Poland, and I can guide you there. 😉

  2. Love your photos, especially the ones of the trees. Such a peaceful walk made all the more pleasant being surrounded by beautiful nature. No one in sight and you must have felt like you had the world all to yourself. What did do for Easter last week? Not much, really. Stayed at home resting after a week of work, reading 🙂

    1. I love photographing trees. Never tired of this. Dunno why. Well, in forest, most of the time nowhere in sight, true. In Łazy and Szumin there were people. 🙂
      What do you read?

      1. Trees are tall, they can be very tall and I find that fascinating since I’m very short in height 😀 Generally I like reading non-fiction books and articles. Lately I’ve been writing books about writing and China.

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