Early Clouds

Due to my coming trip to Oslo (this weekend) and few days later my lecture about the time I spent in Indonesia (on 30th April), I don’t have too much time to write posts. Soon afterwards those event we have majówka (our Golden Week, 1st to 3rd May) in Poland, so I will be on semi-hiatus till the beginning of May.

I decided to combine two of the challenges: Daily Post’s Early Bird and Cee’s Clouds theme.

I don’t have any problems with getting up early. In Indonesia I switched to wake up around the morning call for Islam prayer (04:30 in Surakarta) but I didn’t go out a lot in the mornings, before my classes at university. That was the best time to study, at 08/09:00 the heat was unbearable and my mind was already melting.

The photos were taken on Javanese beach, Parangtritis near Yogyakarta, on 1st January 2013. They were made from 05:16 till 07:26. The sunrise was at 05:25. I suppose it’s early enough.

On the previous evening people from around the whole Indonesia came to celebrate the New Year on the famous beach of Parangtritis. Some were staying in hotels, some in tents. If it only weren’t the middle of rainy season… It rained the whole evening (which starts around 18:00) and it still rained at 01:00 when I was going to sleep. The following morning was bright and fresh. As you can see on the photos.

Do you wake up early? Do you like looking at the sunrise, or prefer sunset? 


  1. Thanks ever so much for playing this week. I really like your photos.

    1. Nice to hear that. Cheers.

  2. I, unfortunately, am far more likely to sleep in unless I have a specific reason to get up. Your photos are great, though!

    1. Thank you. Hopefully there would be enough reasons to get up early. It’s a great time, no matter the place. The warm colours and sun looks great also in places with a lot of skyscrapers. It was so enchanting to see Warsaw after sunrise. Every time after such experience I make a plan to see it more often… Usually it’s just a plan. Cheers.

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