Discovering Warsaw

On 1st June started my Monthly Travels Challenge. The June theme was about discovering your neighbourhood be it town or region. You can join the challenge anytime, including the previous themes. Please link back to the post with rules, so we can track you down.

I decided to explore more of Warsaw, my hometown. Come and see three hidden flavours of Warsaw. Please bear in mind, that all I write about was true when I made the post. Please check the official websites for any changes.

Come and sit here

Hoża 51 is the address of a place in the centre of Warsaw, close to the Central Station (Dworzec Centralny) and Marriott Hotel. In 1896 the red-brick-building was built for the vodka distillery which never run. During the history this place had various functions, including a processed cheese factory. Now it’s a place for culture and entertainment. A tattoo studio, kitchen studio, a gym, a boulder wall, a coffee shop. If you want more than just snacks, there are some restaurants nearby.

I have discovered this place thanks to Big Book Festival, which took place there from 12 to 14 June 2015. The event is fantastic, if you happen to be in Warsaw next year around mid-June, join us in outdoor reading (beating the record!), meeting authors (live interviews with foreign authors were held in English, with Polish translation) and other activities. This year in Hoża 51 there was outdoor show – based on the works of Jerzy Pilch fused with multimedia show.

I have yet to discover how it looks on a regular day… For now, see the photos of Big Book Festival’s Hoża 51.

Come and discover history…

Close to the Warsaw Uprising Museum (Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego) there is another museum. Its address is Grzybowska 88, the bust/tram stop is called Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego.

Remember: Museum of Diving (Muzeum Nurkowania) by the Association of Divers is open usually at Tuesdays 11:00-18:00. It’s free, but donations are welcome. You can get a tour in Polish and English, if you want to come in a group (including other days) write a mail: . Museum is closed until 12.07.2015. Check out the news at the official website of Museum of Diving.

The tour was very interesting, I got to know the history of diving, not only in Poland. What was the most amazing were all those Polish DIY equipment parts. Due to the Soviet Union policy Polish divers had to make their own equipment…

There are many interesting stories to hear and things to see. I recommend! The museum is annually taking part in Long Night of Museums (Noc Muzeów) in the middle of May. I heard that next year in Wrocław (European Capital of Culture 2016) people will be river diving in the Klingert’s dress.

Come and see

Grzybowska 88 hosts two cultural sites, since two months ago. First is of course the above-mentioned Museum of Diving. Another is an art gallery.

Untill 25.07.15 there is the exhibition called Nie/dopasowanie (Not/fit) which presents modern art. For now everything is in Polish only.

These are my discoveries for Warsaw and June 2015 Monthly Travels Challenge. In the case of Museum of Diving, I knew about it for a long time, but never got the chance to get there.

Are you a tourist in your own town too?


  1. Thank you! I will be visiting Warsaw this December! 😀

    1. Great to hear that. I hope you’ll like this city. I’ll be starting soon a feature with tips for travelling to Poland/Warsaw.

      1. Great I shall follow 😉

  2. Great photos! The ones from the diving museum are so interesting, especially when you think about some of the equipment being improvised… Amazing! 🙂

  3. Podobają mi się zdjęcia z Big Book Festiwal – zwłaszcza przykuło mój wzrok to podwórkiem na Hożej ze spotkania z Zadie Smith. Każde z nich jest ciekawie artystycznie wykadrowane – wychodzi poza zwykły fotoreportaż.
    Nie słyszałam wcześniej o Muzeum Nurkowania. Te skafandry… bardzo fotogeniczne. Potrafisz znajdować interesujące nie tak znane miejsca i w nieoczywisty sposób je fotografować

    1. Dziękuję! Jeśli masz jakieś sugestie na nieoczywiste miejsca w Poznaniu, chętnie je poznam i sfotografuję przy następnej okazji. 🙂

      1. na pewno coś znajdę i Ci zaproponuję:)

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