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Discover! June 2015 summary

To all participants of the Monthly Travels Challenge. Thank you for taking part in the June 2015 theme.

I have browsed blogs of all who voiced an interest in the challenge, looking for your posts. I have decided to change the rules to adjust visibility for us fellow participants and readers. The changed rules are in the first posts, but the changes are: obligatory Monthly Travels Challenge tag and link back to the monthly rules post you cover. Starting from July summary I will only feature in the summary posts those who fulfilled the rules so make sure you understood them correctly.

June 2015 Challenge

  • Discover a new (for yourself) place in your town or region.
  • Your first visit there should have been (at least) in June 2015.

June 2015 Challengers

  • Sam from The Traveller’s Notes (aka me), the host of the challenge. Done 1/1 [1/12].
  • Caroliena from Polyprotic Amory. Done 1/1 [1/12].
  • Jewel from Habitual Jewel. Done 1/1 [1/12].
  • Kristyna from Tasting The World. Done 1/1 [1/12].
  • Ria from Life in big tent. Done 1/1 [1/12].
  • Elizaberrie from Looking back from 50. Done 0/1 [0/12] for not fulfilling all the rules unless I’ll get a confirmation. The post is very informative for those who plan to visit Richmond in Virginia.
  • Traveller on a mission. Done 0/1 [0/12] but I still enjoyed the failed post. 😉

I’m sorry if somebody wasn’t listed here, I didn’t find your challenge post. Please use the tag and link back to the post and I will add you.

If you haven’t passed the June challenge or just discovered this post you can still take part in it (even doing the June theme) and write a post.

Great Britain

  • Chastworth House is a stately house in Derbyshire, England. You might have seen it already in several films, but Kristyna’s post is always worth reading.



  • During June I have visited several places in Warsaw: museum, art gallery and a courtyard full of entertainment.


I hope you’ll have as much fun reading those posts as the participants had discovering those places.

Will you take part in the challenge?


  1. I’m going to do the July challenge… looking forward to going to my July event (next weekend). One question tho… how do I do a ‘tag’?
    Also, because I just found this challenge recently, I didn’t have time to do the June challenge in time. But I can do a catch up! Thanks for the option. I’ll work on it this weekend.

    1. Hello, it’s nice to see you joining. 🙂 Have fun with the challenge.

      There are two ways to make a post, the layout changes a little. Tag is generally an empty place where you can write in, in the sidebar, around category field. Just write a tag and click “add”. You can also “quick edit” post in the all posts view to add tags.
      I’m sorry if it’s too chaotic, I’m writing from my memory. There is a guide at if this won’t be enough.

  2. Reblogged this on Polyprotic Amory and commented:
    This past June I completed a Monthly Travel Challenge put on by The Traveller’s Notes. This is the round-up post of others who have completed the challenge, and it’s amazing to see what people can still find in their towns, even after being there for several years.

    You should definitely check out the other bloggers, as well as the Monthly Travel Challenge for more inspiration!

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