UNS Cultural Night 2013


I’m not satisfied with easy connections. I don’t want to write about people nor about bridges, etc. Such topics first come to mind when thinking about “Connect” theme (Photo 101, Day Six) and “travels”.

Novels by Sofi Oksanen about Estonia’s recent history and its Soviet (and German) occupation are popular even in South America. Why is that? Because even if the readers don’t even know where is that country, they can relate to the history of oppression and dealing afterwards with collaborators. It doesn’t matter if they were working with enemy government or drug lords. I recommend the books, btw.

Poland and Indonesia have some similarities. Not just the opposite flags.

Not only eagles as coat of arms – white (White Eagle) for Poland, golden (Garuda) for Indonesia.

Both Poland and Indonesia were occupied/colonised by other countries. For Poland it was Austria, Germany and Russia – for 123 years. Indonesia was under Dutch rule for over 300 years, but still not all countries share these kinds of experiences.

Poland and Indonesia are embracing the future with their fates in their hands.

This was the idea behind a performance of me and my Polish friend, Karolina Nieduza, who also lived in Surakarta at that time. We met only there.
We took part in Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Cultural Night 2013. UNS students (I was the student) shared with visitors bits of food and/or culture of their respective countries. Me and Karolina made both food and performed.

I was the one who was doing easy part in the performance – just reading patriotic-themed poems in Polish and Indonesian.

With the help of my Indonesian friends (and the International Students Office too, of course) we were able to perform (to Polish music) and treat the guests to Polish food (fruit soup, pancakes, carrot & apple salad, party food).

I’m very well aware that for many of guests it was the first (but hopefully not the only one) contact with Polish culture. I won’t be babbling any longer. Enjoy the photos.

Here are also two bonus photos – the intro dance of Estefania, a fellow student, and the symbols Indonesians chose to represent Poland. In the evening our food stall was by this banner. Sorry for the bad quality photo.

It’s been 2 years ago, but I still remember vividly this event. Thank you, friends, hope to see you again.

What do you think about history connections? Is this a good way for travelling and getting to know other countries?


  1. I love this post! I really liked how you explained that connecting is important to understand a culture.

    1. Thank you. 🙂

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