Bug Landscape Park - forest

Blissful Time

Killing three birds with one stone. For Photo 101’s course: Day Three (Water), Day Four (Bliss) and Day Five (Solitude) photos are waiting for you to see. Feel free to critique/comment on the photos.

Street Band Statue in Warsaw.

Homy Streets

The street of my home towns in Poland and Indonesia. Day One and Day Two of Photo 101 course. Enjoy the photos from Warsaw and Surakarta (Solo).


Early Clouds

Early Bird and Clouds challenge photos from a beach on New Year day in Indonesia. Do you wake up early enough to catch the sunrise?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

Have you heard of Momotaro, the Peach Boy from Japanese folktales? He defeated demons with the aid of three animal companions. Read on to hear the story if you don’t know it, and to see how to get to the demons’ island.