Broken Dreams

I have lots of photos of broken trees. For unknown reasons, I’m never tired of such views. I even did some last weekend. But I decided to go for something new, fresh from my recent trip to Zalew Zegrzyński (Zegrze Reservoir) – a village called Jadwisin.

The title is Broken Dreams because as one local told me, there was a man from Austria who bought a land and wanted to make a hotel near the Narew river… Wanted, 15 years ago. The area, poorly fenced, is going more and more wild, serving as a shortcut for locals.

These photos are for the Daily Photo Challenge – Broken theme. There is something even more broken in Jadwisin, but it’s for another time.


What do you think when you look at ruins? Do you like exploring ruins?


  1. I remember visiting something similar – it was an underground headquarters for the emergency of nuclear attack in the Kampinos National Park. Visiting it was quite exciting, but on the other hand really scary!

    1. I still haven’t seen that bunker. Did you go by car or public transport?

  2. I don’t know why but broken buildings like that often looks great on photos;)

    1. And trees. :p

      1. Yes, trees too, i agree:)

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