Bug Landscape Park - forest

Blissful Time

I have been busy last few days (with Big Book Festival in Warsaw) and so I have a lot to catch up… This is the catch up of Photo101. I found a way to do so – putting Day Three (Water), Day Four (Bliss) and Day Five (Solitude) into one post. And the weekend wrap-up.

When I saw the photo of “solitude” theme, a girl playing alone at the beach, it didn’t feel right. The photo was probably taken by her guardian, so how come that’s a solitude?

I haven’t written that in my introduction, but if you read about blog’s title and tagline (for Blogging101), you know I’m one of those introverted travellers out there. It’s possible. I like meeting new people and still, I’m introverted.

I can be perfectly well all by myself. Walking in the forest? Spending time by a water? Taking a walk in the city around dawn, sunset or at night? Yes, that’s me. All those things give me energy and set me in a great mood.

I already have a lot of photos of forests, rivers or seas and city streets. I wanted to use just photos from Bug Landscape Park, where I go every year, for as long as I live. I often go the same routes, but that’s ok. Something else is more important than just the view. But the view of course is beautiful – it’s a landscape park, after all. I decided to also use photos from my recent trip to Zalew Zegrzynski. I used some photos for the Broken theme.

Bug Landscape Park

Zalew Zegrzynski

Zalew Zegrzynski is a popular spot for Warsaw people to have fun at water-sports, especially sail boats. It’s man-made lake at Narew river. My walk started in Jadwisin, then went in the direction of Serock (via Zegrzynek).

How do you spend your blissful time? 


  1. Looks like a fun place to go and visit. Very serene and beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you. Which place exactly you have in mind?

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