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I have joined two courses/challenges at Blogging University: Blogging 101 and Photo 101. All posts will be tagged respectively. Two themes/posts a day might be tricky, but… I’ll give my best.

This post will be a response to Blogging 101’s daily task. An introduction, which is tricky as I’m an introvert and I don’t like talking about myself… And I’ve been blogging for a while… So, you could get to know me better just reading my posts.


There is no one thing that could define me. Even if I started to use many various labels, it wouldn’t be satisfactory. A lot of things have influence on my life and could describe me, but none of them defines me completely.

I’m Warsaw born. I’m Polish. You could see that I write a lot about those places.

I love travelling. Which is obvious, as it’s travelling blog.

I love reading books, mainly fantasy and science fiction. I’m not that fond of books related to travelling, as the act itself is very individual and prone to changes. Instead of reading about people’s travels, I prefer to travel. Strange attitude since one of the most influential books in my life were adventures of Tomek Wilmowski (by Alfred Szklarski), who travelled with father and his friends around the world, catching wild animals for zoo. But since I don’t expect everybody is like me, I have a blog where I write about my travelling experiences. 😉

I’m a polyglot. I can travel without problems using Polish (obvious), English, Indonesian and Japanese. It’d take me a bit to polish my Russian and Korean for travelling. I play games, read books, watch films/TV series in some of those languages. I plan to learn more, including Norwegian. I feel ashamed when travelling somewhere and not speaking the local language. The usual greetings don’t count. 😉

Why I blog? It’s complicated. I know I have a knowledge to share. I want to inspire. I want to share my stories and photos with friends. When I write/blog I can organise things, I can see the patterns. Last month I made yearly statistics. This would be the shortest way to answer what my blog is really about. Having a blog is handy. I get inspired by people, and I can react. That’s one of the reasons I’m doing challenges. I can “meet” new people. Without blog, I wouldn’t be following other blogs – I’d five times forget an interesting blog if I didn’t track it somehow.

EDIT: I want this blog to be useful for others . I have a lot of things in my mind already, that have to wait for “the time” so if there’s anything you’d like to ask (about the places I visited) or wanted me to write about – feel free to ask in the comments.

Lately I started a year-long travel challenge called Monthly Travels Challenge. Using this, I plan to push myself with travelling, sightseeing and blogging. And get inspiration from other bloggers. If you’ll feel you got out something out of this, then I’ll be double happy.

That’s me. Not the whole part, but… nice to meet you. Who are you? Tell me (us) something about yourself. 


  1. I’m doing both as courses as well :). I’m sorry to hear that you have the travel bug, as once you have been bitten there is no cure and you are destined to constantly want to travel and no amount of travel will ever satisfy your need :P. Just writing that has made me think about all the places I still want to go haha. You can never see enough the world right?

    1. Good luck on managing the combo style. 😀 Please don’t be sorry about the travel bug – I’m happy I have it. It gives me only the good things. Haha, I don’t want even to start thinking of the places I want to go to… The list would be much longer than the list of languages I plan to learn. No, no, no. I don’t want to start thinking about it. Yup, you can never see enough. And there is no reasons why you shouldn’t travel to the places you visited already. 😉 At least, I think so. I do like returning. How about you?

      1. On my to do list is to visit every visitable continent in the world then when that was ticked off go to countries. It is amazing how many languages you can say the basics in once you have travelled though. What is your next ‘must travel/top of the list’ country to go to? I know you have one. Everyone has the next.

        1. Yup, you’re so right about the languages. A year ago I wrote about my priority. It hasn’t changed even with the recent trip to Oslo, you know I had to feed the bug. 😉
          Besides Solo my priority would be Japan. I haven’t seen my friend and her parents for 4 years already. Where will I go next? I promised a friend to travel with her. The destination might be Paris, Madrid or… Japan. 😉 Every visitable continent – sure, on my list to do, but from North America – USA is out of the question (ideological/political reasons). But if you’re asking which of the unvisitied countries I’d like to see next – I’d say: Iceland. My life is so often unexpected, dunno where I would go next. 😀 So which country is on the top of your list?

          1. I love all your reasonings! Iceland and Canada are top of my lists and the moment. I have to say if you decide to do some of your family tree you might discover a whole lot of different places popping up on your travel list that you didn’t know you wanted to go to or places that you felt a connection to that you didn’t realise were important! Japan is on my list but I feel like that is a place you can travel anytime. There are some places I feel you need to travel to while young like Canada so you can experience all of the outdoors – do you know what I mean?

  2. I took this course a while ago, I enjoyed it very much. Blogging U helped me grow as a blogger. I found your introduction piece very interesting. It gave me in sight to who you are.

    1. I hope it’ll help me grow too. 🙂 Thanks for the comment. Yay, for the first task to pass well. 🙂

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