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Together or Merbabu mountain.
The iconic image behind The Traveller’s Notes.

There is a story behind every photo.

And this photo is probably the best one to speak about travelling.

It’s the story of joy and sweat. It’s the story of challenging yourself and reaching out to others. It’s the story of happy and sad times. It’s the story of the way you walk and changing yourself for ever. 

This photo is a memory of my biggest (highest?) challenge. I wouldn’t get to the peak at 3045m of Merbabu in Indonesia if it weren’t for those and other people who accompanied me and took care of me. This is one of my brightest memories. Thank you, for all your help and patience. 


My name is Sam. I’m 30-something guy from Warsaw, Poland. I started The Traveller’s Notes in May 2014. I’m the introverted traveller who doesn’t like to make introductions. I love solo travelling, especially in Poland. Likewise I went to  Japan, Indonesia and several European countries. On the other hand I enjoy (sometimes) travelling with friends.

For now I’m staying again in my home-town, Warsaw. Of course I plan to post about Warsaw and my short-term trips to various Polish cities. If you have any questions about Poland, feel free to ask.

The Traveller’s Notes

Welcome to the blog. Take a look around. Feel free to explore it on your own or read the guide to this blog.

My Travels give you an overview of the cities and countries I have been to. On the right side you have a list of tags with cities, regions and countries.

Memories are just memories from my travels, while Travel Notes are more technical posts with information how to get by, or some handy tips. Sometimes those two categories overlap. Photo of the Week is a special tag that shows posts taken on a specific time of a year. That might be your inspiration.

Discussions is a place to share and discuss our opinions related to travelling in general or specific issues while Musings are just my random thoughts.

Travel to Poland gives you a local person’s tips on travelling to Poland. It starts as early as planning your trip and ends with suggestions what to see or eat in Poland.


Enjoy yourself here and let’s discuss the destinations, cultures, and more.


  1. Looking forward to seeing more photos!

    1. Sure! Anything in particular?

      1. Do you travel to Hamburg?

        1. Not yet. Sorry, I should have write clearly – what kind of photos (topic?) are you interested in?

          1. Architecture, flowers and fashion

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