St Paul's Bay in Malta view on a hear-shaped bay

A Week in Malta: looking for recommendations

I’m not the only person looking to get away and travel. The whole year was difficult for me, and the travel to Egypt didn’t make it better. Too much stress. With the last few weeks of anti-LGBT hate in Poland and presidential elections won by a person who instigated it, I need a break, before it gets worse.

So, for the first time in my adult life, I bought a trip with a (that didn’t go well) but still… I’ll be going to Malta.

Malta trip

I’ll be staying in Bugibba (Topaz Hotel) in St. Paul’s Bay area for a week. Starting next week.

  • I can ride anywhere by public transport/bicycle.
  • I love walking (I can go on for hours) and enjoying nature.
  • I love cities too.
  • I’d love to swim if possible.

What kind of food should I try? (I’m lactose/egg intolerant). I can eat some (especially if it’s baked as in a cake) but maybe not the best solution away from a toilet 😀



So, what can you suggest for me to do? 

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