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2017 European Travels Recap

A lot happened last year, and I haven’t written much about it. I guess I had a writer’s block, except for the overworking and being too tired continuously for weeks (at least).  This post is a chance to even out some things. And hopefully, enter 2018 with a clear conscience.

2017 European Travels

Most of the travels were solo travels, as usual. I find it more fun to travel alone, but sometimes, I can go with friends.

Katowice, Poland

I have come back to Katowice again, mostly to see my friends. Unfortunately, no photos this time.

Łódź, Poland

I have visited Lodz on business several times during a year. Continuing from 2016.

I had also visited it for fun too, but that was still just one more night. So many times I visited Piotrkowska Street and the area around the central station (see photo above), I almost know it by heart. I still need to walk the city’s street art route.

Paris, France

My first ever trip to Paris was more about meeting my friends. Sightseeing was secondary to that. Luckily – secondary because I haven’t seen that much, and I have lost my camera phone.

My favorite part of the trip (besides enjoying coffee with friends near Opera house) was enjoying the evening view in the Old Town (photo below).

I had some issues with places to sleep, that could go bad if I couldn’t call a French-speaking friend. The last night I had finally stayed in a lovely – legal – hostel. Next time, I will be more careful when booking my stay in Paris.

Evening at Montmarte
Enjoy the beautiful weather and panorama of Paris from Montmarte’s basilica’s steps.


Prague, Czech

In between two jobs I have managed to visit Prague for a weekend. Most of my trip – in the end – somehow focused on the river. So, my favorite photo is this one. And I loved this experience, so I’ll probably go there next time. One day, when I’m not in a hurry. And definitely not on a weekend, where most shops are closed. I had to buy souvenirs quickly after coming to the city because the shops were being closed on Saturday’s afternoon.

Prague by night from Vltava river
Night cruise over Vltava river.


Warsaw, Poland

I had a plan. I had started riding a bicycle in Warsaw, and I wanted to see all the districts… and then I had a stupid accident. I spent 1.5 months at home with my leg in a cast. The rehabilitation took even longer. I managed to visit long-time-no-see places but also some new ones. I’ll start again this year.

Here is a photo of Bemowo district, from a bike trip with a friend.

2017 European Travels Recap: Bemowo district in Warsaw, Poland
The wooden houses of Osiedle Przyjaźń from the early 50s.


Wisła, Poland

It was my first visit to Wisła, a Silesian town. Unfortunately, it happened during days-long rainy weather. I spent the weekend with friends in a shack on a top of the hill, 3 km down to the town. So, I haven’t seen a lot. But I have managed to walk a bit and see the 800-meter peak.

I hope to see more of it in the future.

Tip! If you want to go to Wisła, you can go there by train from Warsaw or (even better) Katowice. You can also go by bus from Krakow.


2017 European Travels Recap shows that most of my trips last year were about discovering new places, towns, countries. That was an enjoyable year.



Where did you travel in 2017? How were your experiences?

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