Outside view from the window of Ljubljana - Rijeka international train

Winter Trip from Poland to Croatia

How to get (rather cheaply) from Warsaw to Rijeka in the winter? The direct flight between Warsaw and Rijeka is for the summer season only. Read on to see how I did that.

Bus from Warsaw to Vienna

I used overnight Leo Express to arrive in Vienna by morning. I have written about my Leo Express trip experience already, so if you’re interested in it, be sure to read on.

The final stop was the bus terminal by Wien Hauptbahnhof.

Bus terminal Wien Hauptbahnhof in Vienna

If you’re interested in Vienna, see also my post about sightseeing in the city.

Train from Vienna to Ljubljana

From the online website of ÖBB, the Austrian train company, I bought the ticket to Rijeka. I had to use 2 trains, first from Vienna to Ljubljana, then from Ljubljana to Rijeka.

[foogallery id=”69139″]

The train wasn’t too luxurious or new, I had hoped for something better. But it was comfortable for a six-hour trip between Vienna and Ljubljana.

The restaurant wagon was nice looking, and the food was ok. The only payment option was cash but in various currencies, unfortunately no credit cards payment.

If you’re interested in Ljubljana, see my post about sightseeing in the Dragon City.

Train from Ljubljana to Rijeka

After the first train experience, I wasn’t expecting much. I was right, the train was in similar condition to the earlier one, so I’ll show you some outside views from this part of the trip.

[foogallery id=”69141″]

This was the first time during the whole trip when I was ID checked. The last stop in Schengen area was Ilirska Bistrica in Slovenia. The first station outside the Schengen area was in Šapjane, Croatia. I had only one ID check.

The whole trip took around 3 hours. No restaurant wagon, so I was lucky to eat earlier on.

If you’re interested in the winter sights of Rijeka or the Rijeka Carnival, feel free to read the posts.

Train from Rijeka to Ljubljana

[foogallery id=”69143″]

I have nothing interesting to add about the train from Rijeka to Ljubljana. From the exterior photo, you can see it was an old type of train. No restaurant wagon either, one stop for ID control.

Going back to Warsaw

My trip back to Warsaw looked the same way as the trip to Rijeka. First, from Rijeka to Ljubljana, I took the train as you could see above, then I took the train from Ljubljana to Vienna. Finally, on the next day, I took a bus (Flixbus) to Warsaw. I’m not too fond of the Flixbus service, so whenever possible, I’ll ignore their services.

Flixbus bus departing from Vienna bus terminal

Did you use any of those services? What were your experiences? 

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