Rijeka Carnival 2018 group of zvončari in fur clothing before parade

Rijeka Carnival 2018 (Croatia)

Rijeka Carnival 2018 is the main event and the reason for my whole winter trip to Rijeka by bus to Vienna and by train through Ljubljana. I have shared live photos and videos on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Rijeka Carnival 2018: Before Parade

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The city was decorated with balloons; the streets were bustling with people much earlier than the Parade started. Dressed up people from the parade groups were strolling around the town. Everybody was waiting for the parade to start, be it on the streets or balconies above. The sun, the noise, long lines, and shutter clicks.

Rijeka Carnival 2018: Start

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There were lots and lots of groups in the parade. From various regions of Croatia and from abroad. Children with parents, schoolchildren, adults of all ages with seniors too. Young and old, all dressed up. Some groups were looking and posing (or dancing) funny; some were just strolling and bowing in their traditional or other outfits. Each group when introduced and showed off got applause. There were groups with pop culture themes like Harry Potter or The Simpsons too.

The route was long and demanded going round for the group members. I wonder if all of them stuck for those few hours until the end. I couldn’t observe, I got a migraine and had to go back to my room to sleep a bit.

But before I went to rest, I saw zvončari, the bellmen from pre-Christian times who bid goodbye to winter spirits and invite spring.

Rijeka Carnival 2018: The End

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The parade has ended around 20 or so. But that didn’t stop the festivities. The streets were still buzzing with people, both participants and spectators were chilling with their friends; some went to the afterparties. And I have gone to the beach.

I was satisfied with the parade and my time in Rijeka. I wish I could spend there more time, but it was still worth it. I’d love to go there again. Now if I would go for the carnival again, it would be a few days earlier to see zvončari gatherings in the area.


Do you enjoy the carnival parades? Have you attended any? 

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