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10 Photos from Streets of Paris

Welcome to Paris’ mobile phone crappy photos! It’s never been so easy to choose just 10 photos. Only crappy smartphone’s photos left after I “lost” my camera. Of course, my memories will stay with me. That’s all that matters. A camera is just a tool.

I spent a great time with my Polish friend, who was living in Paris for a long time. In May, he was staying in Paris again. That was (unfortunately?) also a time when French had a long weekend.

This wasn’t the best weekend in my life, chaos was ruling at that time, I can’t get to love Paris… I wonder how the various mishaps during my trip, resulted in my final opinion. My friend loves it, I’m indifferent, how about you?


Day 1

I arrived at the airport around 15:00 or so. I rode a shuttle bus from Paris-Beauvais airport to Porte Maillot bus station. It’s by a shopping mall, so I went there to eat an overpaid sandwich menu. After that, I took a metro to meet my friend. It was around 19:00 already.

Our meeting point was the fountain at Place Saint-Michel. We went to see Notre Dame, ate kebab in a park across the cathedral, walk around town including the rainbow and Jewish district, etc. I got to hear interesting stories from French history. We talked about gentrification too, and my friend told me how the Paris changed during the years.

Around 22:00 I managed to get to my hostel. Only then, I was pointed out that my reservation didn’t go through and I have no place to sleep. In the end, I spent a night there.

Day 2

I enjoyed the park near my hostel, and I went to the International City of Paris University. It’s not a city, of course, it’s a big park with country-specific academic houses. Canada, Japan, Norway, Brazil, etc. Each of them is different, built or decorated to reflect the country. Photos lost, of course. If you want to visit just one park, I recommend this one.

I moved to another hostel in one of the Chinatowns. I had a reservation, but there was some problem with it… and umm… in the end – an hour or so later – everything was resolved. Despite a national holiday on that day, the shops were open. A touristic area, as they call it.

I went with a friend to Montmartre, for an evening panorama and a walk. Lots of people were sitting on the hill, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes (both sold by peddlers), eating, and chatting. It reminded me of my time in Indonesia. After a quick peek (it was during a mass) inside of Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur and a walk around, I hurried back to my hostel. If I’d get past 23:30, I’d be locked out from the hostel. I got there only 3 minutes earlier. It takes a lot of time to get somewhere in Paris. The metro system is well designed, but the distances… Horrible!

Day 3

The day when I lost my camera. At Montmartre. I wanted to see more of it before meeting with others. That was a mistake. I met my friend, who speaks French, and after check-in, we went to the police station. Before we were allowed to enter, we were surveyed by policemen. Then, at the desk, we had to explain again. I got a form in both Polish and French. It made things easier.

We met with another friend and went for a coffee near Opera, sat by the table on the street, chatting and observing people. After some time his friend came. My friend had to go soon, but the three of us went out to try Japanese ramen.

Day 4

I had a breakfast at the hostel and leisurely went to metro to get for the shuttle bus. Everything was going ok until I stayed at the wrong terminal and barely made it for my plane. 😀 But everything was ok, in the end. That was a weird trip in the end.

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Want to see more photos? Take a look at The Traveller’s Notes at Instagram.

What are your memories of Paris?

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