May Trip to Bialystok in 10 Photos

Long May weekend in Poland (called majówka) usually starts the season for trips and outdoor activities. Easter weather (even in April) might be too cold and snowy. But in May the snow happens (usually) only in the mountains. Not planning the trip at least a month in advance can make the travelling troublesome and expensive. I know all of that, but still… I decided right before the long weekend to see Gajowniki (first and foremost) and Białystok. So below is my trip to Bialystok in 10 photos.

May Trip to Bialystok

Actually, Bialystok (Polish: Białystok) wasn’t the final destination during this trip. It was a small village called Gajowniki (near Choroszcz) where the Światowid figure stands. It is a figure of Świętowit, old Polish (Slavic) god.

But I did sightsee Białystok, it was my first visit to Eastern Poland in 2 decades or so. It’s a multicultural town, so I plan to visit it again, for a longer time. [foogallery id=”69173″]   The first photo is a multicultural route map. Next time I will try to see the esperanto and multicultural part of Bialystok. I was just flaneuring.


I took the train from Warsaw to Bialystok and then rode a city bus to Choroszcz. As I heard in the tourist information there was no direct bus to Gajowniki and I’d have to walk a bit and then ride a bus and walk a bit or something like that. So, in the end, I went on foot around 6 km to Gajowniki. That gave me plenty of time to enjoy nature and fair weather. [foogallery id=”69175″]


Gajowniki is a small village, and apart from the beautiful nature and the figure of god Światowit there is nothing to see here. But for me that was enough.

[foogallery id=”69177″]


Were you ever in Bialystok? What would you recommend to do or to see?

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