Warsaw Uprising is a controversial topic in Poland, and in recent history. It is discussed a lot, is more and more visible in culture – music, films, theatre plays, books discuss the topic. There is also Warsaw Uprising museum, quite a new museum using multimedia and recordings, offering audio guides in various languages. But there is one thing that people on the opposite sides have in common…

If you’re in Warsaw at 01.08 and hear at 17:00 (when the uprising started) the sirens and alarms, please stop and give honours to all that died during Warsaw Uprising, both insurgents and civilians.

Those who died are buried on various cemeteries, two most notable are: Warsaw Uprising Cemetery (Cmentarz Powstańców Warszawy) and Military Powązki Cemetery (Powązki Wojskowe). In Poland we light the candles (znicze) on graves and put flowers there.


In 2013 I have wrote on another blog few posts concerning Warsaw Uprising and cemeteries.

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