There are three scenes from my travels that got kindled by the “afloat” word.

  • My friend floating on tire on one of Indonesian beaches where underground river connects with the Indian ocean. Hi, Nia!
  • Me & my friend going on a cruise in Oslo Fjord. In winter. You could see a photo made from a boat in the post My Oslo Trip in 10 Photos.
  • Me going by a ferry to a mythical Onigashima (Ogre Island from Japanese folklore).

The photo I will present will be from the trip to Onigashima. Continue reading to see it!

Ferry closing to mythical Onigashima island.


Momotarō came to Earth inside a giant peach, which was found floating down a river by an old, childless woman who was washing clothes there. The woman and her husband discovered the child when they tried to open the peach to eat it. The child explained that he had been sent by Heaven to be their son. The couple named him Momotarō, from momo (peach) and tarō (eldest son in the family).

Years later, Momotarō left his parents to fight a band of marauding oni (ogres) on a distant island. En route, Momotarō met and befriended a talking dog, monkey, and pheasant, who agreed to help him in his quest. At the island, Momotarō and his animal friends penetrated the demons’ fort and beat the band of demons into surrendering. Momotarō and his new friends returned home with the demons’ plundered treasure and the demon chief as a captive. Momotarō and his family lived comfortably from then on.

Fragment from Wikipedia.


The real name of Onigashima is Megijima. You can go there by ferry from Takamatsu city in Kagawa Prefecture on Shikoku Island.

There are many oni through the island, and enough attractions for a half a day entertainment.

To complete the tale, you should visit Okayama (on Honshu), a home to Momotaro.

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