Hello. The Birthday Challenge got the name from my birthday. I want to celebrate them with you in a special way.

Here are the rules:

  1. The challenge starts on 22.07.2016 and lasts to 29.07.2016.
  2. Every day at 18:15 CEST (UTC +2) there will be a new post with the theme.
  3. Ideally you should make a post before the next one is announced.
  4. You can join until 24.07. and finish the posts by 31.07.
  5. Join by leaving a comment under this post.
  6. When you write a post, you should include a link to the theme of the day.
  7. Have fun.


Are you in? 


Those are the rules (topics) so far:

  1. I Was Born Here (Childhood memories from your hometown)
  2. My First Wish (What you’d like to see in your country)

10 thoughts on “The Birthday Challenge”

    1. Thanks for the wishes.
      You can write posts until 31.07. 🙂 Few words or a photo is good enough. You can always try, you won’t loose anything if you don’t make it. 🙂 Cheers.

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