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Hello, Dear Readers.

If you like travels, discovering new places, and a challenge, I’ve got one for you.

  • Starting from 1st June 2015, ending on 31st May 2016 will be the Monthly Travels Challenge at The Traveller’s Notes.
  • No matter if you travel close to home or far away, if you have a travel blog or no, anybody can take part in the challenge. I’ll make sure that the themes won’t require you to spend too much money (unless you want it that way).
  • The goal of the challenge is to discover new places and/or give tips to fellow travellers. Some themes will require specifically to visit new places.
  • On every 1st day of the month, there will be a post with a given theme for the month. You should answer to the theme within the same month.
  • Tag the post with “Monthly Travels Challenge” tag and link back to the post with rules for the month you want to participate in (so: June 2015, July 2015, etc.).
  • The post don’t have to be long, even photo with just a description could do. It’d be good if you could provide link to the official websites, even if they aren’t in English.
  • You can join at any time.
  • Next month after the theme, I’ll make the summary post. Those who fulfilled all the rules will be featured.

The rules so far:

  1. June 2015: Discover your town/region.
  2. July 2015:  Event in July only.
  3. August 2015: It’s Soooo Hot!
  4. September 2015: All You can Eat.
  5. October 2015: Read Me Up!
  6. November 2015: Go Back!
  7. December 2015: My Memory.

Are you in?

51 thoughts on “Monthly Travels Challenge”

    1. You mean, after 1st June? Sure. It depends on you, how much free time you plan on using for the challenge. I think that my “minimum plan” for the 1st theme would take 2-3 hours.

    1. Sure. This is just an example. If the theme would be “water” you would have to write/put a photo about some place related to water. It could be a fountain, a river, beach in Semarang, etc. A place (or an event) somebody else could visit too.

      It’s similar to the weekly photo challenge, but the main difference is that should be related to travelling/sightseeing. For “Broken” it was okay in WPC to put an image of broken pottery in the person’s garden. If there would be a “Broken” theme in my challenge, it could be broken pottery in a museum, ruins (see my Broken Dreams post), broken trees in a forest, etc.

      I hope I cleared it a bit. Feel free to ask more. 🙂

          1. It depends on the theme. If it would be just “water” or “broken” – you can use any photo you like, including the old one. If the theme is “discover” then you have to use a new photo, taken during that month. I plan just 1 such theme, and it shouldn’t cost you a lot of money. You can always use new photos too. 😉

        1. Yeah. Actually I’m now finishing my own June post. 😀 They say that shoemaker walks without shoes… Guess that’s true.

  1. Hi I like the sound of this, my travelling is a bit limited these days but I have travelled a lot in the past. I look forward to the challenge.

  2. Hi. I’d like to join but can post previous travels that are connected with the theme. I have in mind only those I’ve been to this year. Thanks.

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