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The third challenge in the Monthly Travels Challenge, the August 2015 challenge. It’s always open for new participants, you can also do the old ones, if you’d like to.

August Rules:

  • The topic is How to deal with hot weather? in a place (or places) chosen by you.
  • For me hot weather starts with 25 C, but maybe you think differently. Define what’s the “hot weather” for you.
  • Please post exactly which months those high temperatures, in the place you write about, can be encountered.
  • You can write about how city governors fight the heat waves. You can write about special food/drinks. If you want to share the recipe, all the better! You can write about popular places where you can get shadow/breeze. You can write about something else, just related to staying alive and well in the hot weather.
  • Tell your readers that you’re participating in a challenge and link back to this post.

If all of the rules will be fulfilled, your submission will make it to the monthly summary topic at the 7th day of the next month.

Have fun!

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