St. George's Church

This is my details post for the weekly photo challenge. The photo is from my majówka trip to Bavaria region in Germany.

The ceiling of St. George's Church in Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany.

I’ve discovered this 18th century’s church by chance when I was walking the streets of Bayreuth. It’s far away from the city centre, so probably not many tourists go there. But it’s worth it.

If you can read German, you can visit the official website.

Are you sightseeing places of worship during your travels?

P.S. Are you taking part in The Birthday Challenge?

5 thoughts on “Details of St. George’s Church in Bayreuth (Germany)”

  1. We’ve just returned from a trip that covered Prague, Budapest, and Bucharest. So, yes, we’ve seen many cathedrals and places of worship. Details were the best parts of the viewing. Thanks for sharing this cathedral with us.

    1. Details are always the best part of viewing them. But I rarely visit churches. I feel like I could be disturbing.

      If you would come to Warsaw, I definitely recommend visiting the church of St. Anne by the Old Town. It’s best to read a bit about its history prior to visit because it’s one of the oldest buildings in Warsaw. You can see its history if you look at it from a side. And then enjoy the panorama deck in the nearby tower.


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